Aesthetics and Arts

         My Salon takes the form of an Art Exhibition and is held in the Grand Salon of the Louvre in Paris. I have selected paintings from reputed artists of the XVIIth century. They differ in content, subject, format, and technique and will constitute in themselves, I hope, a rich and varied collection that allows a glimpse into the aesthtic values as well as aesthetic development of the century. 

        Rather than exploring the concepts of Aesthetics that emerged during the Age of Enlightenment through the texts of the philosophers, I chose to apply each philosophe's abstract theory of aesthetics and beauty by confronting them with the material world of the arts, and more precisely, painting. Instead of talking of the "idea" and the "thing" independently, I am seeking through this digital Salon, to unite them and see what one draws from the other.


This Salon was created by Chiara Andreotti, Agnes Scott, class of 2017.